"To facilitate and coordinate the implementation of applied geoscience programmes in East and Southeast Asia in order to contribute to economic development and an improved quality of life within the region."


            GEO Grid stands for Global Earth Observation Grid that integrates various kinds of information on the earth.  This initiative envisages the application of GRID computing technology in geoscientific researches and projects.

In April 2007, GSJ/AIST dispatched a geologist to the CCOP T/S as Coordinator to rubricate the GEO Grid Initiative at CCOP.

This Project is financially and technically supported by the Geological Survey of Japan, AIST.


CCOP GEO Grid Training Course and Workshop

20-25 January 2008, Japan


On 20-25 January 2008, a CCOP GEO Grid Training Course and Workshop was organized by the Geological Survey of Japan, AIST (GSJ/AIST) and CCOP at AIST Tsukuba Center, Tsukuba and AIST Akihabara Site, Tokyo, Japan. It was attended by a total of 35 participants from the CCOP Member Countries including resource persons and staff of the CCOP Technical Secretariat.  The main purpose of the training course is to introduce GEO Grid and spatial and geoscience information standards and technologies to the key persons of CCOP Member Countries to facilitate common understanding of what GEO Grid is and how it works. 


During the course, the participants were introduced to the Geological Survey of Japan as a whole, and its geo-information activities.  Geoscience applications utilizing GRID computing technology were presented by resource persons from GSJ/AIST.  These include “Integrated Geological Map Database and Volcanic Gravity Flow Simulation on GEO Grid” and “Online Interactive Hazard Map of East Asia and Landslide Hazard Mapping”.  Moreover, presentations on utilization of modern technology in field data capture to data distribution, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards, GeoSciML, OneGeology and GEO Grid VO (Virtual Organization) were made to update the participants on the current technologies and standards in geological data compilation which could employ GRID computing technology in its implementation.


A visit to the Grid Technology Research Center (GTRC) of AIST was also made during the course.  A video about GTRC and GEO Grid Project of AIST was shown for participants to be more familiar of what the project is all about.  There was also an opportunity for the participants to be introduced to the technology behind the GEO Grid Project.


The participants of the training course also joined the 2nd GEO Grid Workshop held at AIST Akihabara Site, Tokyo.  Many presentations on the work for the GEO Grid Project were made at the workshop.


Discussion about GEO Grid implementation in CCOP Member Countries was also made.  Many of the Member Countries lack IT personnel in their organization, thus hands-on training on technologies behind GEO Grid may be especially needed in implementing it in their own organization.  There may be a need for the geological survey of the Member Countries to cooperate with an IT organization in their country to utilize GRID computing technology in their identified geoscience applications.  A summary of the discussion will be made after the training course and will be submitted to the Chairperson of the AIST GEO Grid Steering Committee.

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