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The 2nd Workshop of IGDP Phase II Project, Guangzhou, China

As part of the 3rd Workshop & Training Courses on Capacity Building on Marine Geoscience and Geohazards Reduction & Prevention for ASEAN Member States, the 2nd Workshop of IGDP Project Phase II (IGDP-II2) was held in Guangzhou, China on 17-19 July 2018.   This was funded by China Geological Survey, and hosted by Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey.  There were 26 participants from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and from CCOPTS.

The IGDP-II2 started with the opening remarks by Dr Adichat Surinkum, CCOPTS Director and welcoming address by Dr Zhang Minghua, the IGDP Project Leader.

Country report on geoscience database development, geoscience data processing technology, application & case study of RGIS-IGDP software, and national geophysical compilation were presented. 

Dr Zhang Minghua gave an overview about IGDP-II Project as well as the RGIS-IGDP software.  Dr Liu Ling led the participants in the installation of RGIS-IGDP, file and basic operations of the software while Ms. Qiao Jihua on data preprocessing and gravity and magnetic data processing and inversion.

Dr Takemi Ishihara, GSJ, presented a status report of the MAMEA Project.  Table 1 lists down the status of gravity and magnetic data submission to the Project.  Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand submitted partial gravity data during the workshop.  More data will be submitted in September 2018, as indicated in Table 1.  Coordinate and projection parameters of data and gravity magnetic reference base data should be provided, preferably in longitude and latitude.  For clarifications on data requirements, each country communicates directly to the IGDP and/or MAMEA Project Leaders.

There were presentations on related CGS geoinformation activities, by Ms Liu Rongmei on the Geochemical Database of China, and by Mr Ren Wei on Geocloud technology on data sharing of distributed geoscience data centers of CGS.

Working Group for CCOP Magnetic and Gravity Map Compilation has been formed as follows:

  • Cambodia:  Mr. SOM Vannak (National Coordinator) & Mr. LANG Kimly
  • China:  Dr Zhang Minghua (National Coordinator) & Ms. Qiao Jihua
  • Indonesia:  Dr. Eko Budi Lelono (National Coordinator) & Mr. Akbar Cita
  • Japan:  Dr. Masahiko Makino (Gravity) & Dr Takemi Ishihara (Magnetic)
  • Lao PDR:  Mr Inpong Homsombath (National Coordinator) & Mr. Khamphao Singsomboun
  • Malaysia:  Mr. Ahmad Zulkifli Kamaruzaman (National Coordinator) & Ms. Nurul Zulaikha Akma Binti Mohd Zaki
  • Philippines:  Mr. Ismael U. Ocampo (National Coordinator) & Mr. Marcgene Gregandy Servito (DOE), Mr. Ariel Austin A. Acosta (MGB)
  • Thailand:  Ms. Wanida Rangubpit (National Coordinator) & Mr. Pakawat Sriwangpon

Way Forward

  • RGIS-IGDP software is recommended to be used.  Each country is recommended to use RGIS-IGDP software, select a case study for national data management, and geophysical interpretation for mineral and oil and gas exploration, etc, and make a scientific paper for presentation at the next workshop, and for producing CCOP publication.
  • Each country communicates through CCOPTS on their need for capacity building in achieving the Project’s goals and objectives.
  • Training on advanced geophysical and geochemical exploration technologies may be carried out in Bangkok or in Member Country upon request.
  • IGDP Phase II will have to complete gravity and magnetic data compilation, by 2019.  Results of the Project will be shared to all Member Countries.
  • IGDP Phase III will focus on integrated interpretation of geophysical data/map compiled from Phase II with other data such as geological maps, mineral, geochemistry, etc. for natural resources assessment and geoscientific study such as tectonics.

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