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Regular Training Course on Carbon Resource Recycling Appropriate Technology at IS-Geo KIGAM, Korea

The training course on “Carbon Resource Recycling Appropriate Technology” forms one of the regular training courses of KIGAM International School for Geoscience Resources (IS-Geo), in collaboration with CCOP. It was conducted at IS-Geo KIGAM, Daejeon, Republic of Korea, from 8-15 September 2017, with 10 trainees participation; 8 trainees from CCOP Member Countries, 1 from CCOPTS and 1 from Ethiopia.

The training course aims to foster professionals from all over the world in the fields of climate change, carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS) as well as to enhance the capabilities of the cooperating countries/organizations with Korea/ KIGAM. The course provides an introduction to the carbon resource recycling appropriate technology, and related technological innovations for CO2 utilization and sequestration. More practically, utilization of carbonated minerals for mine backfill, assessment of mine hazards and mineral extraction process from mine tailings are also covered.

Among the topics covered in the training course include:

  • Carbon Resource Recycling Appropriate Technology, lectured by Dr. Ji-Whan Ahn, KIGAM
  • Big Data Processing Techniques for Water Resources Management and Operation under Climate Change, lectured by Dr. Juhwan Kim & Dr. Hongsuck Kim, K-water
  • Climate Technology Cooperation under the New Climate Regime, lectured by Dr. Dukwoo Jun and Mr. Changsun Jang, Green Technology Center
  • Stabilization of Mine Tailings by Carbonation and Recovery of Rare Earth Metalsand Stabilization of Mine Tailings by Carbonation and Recovery of Rare Earth Metals Ⅱ, lectured by Prof. Junji Shibata, Kansai University, Japan

Before the training course proper, trainees were invited to attend the Opening Ceremony of “2017 Korea Carbon Forum”, held at Convention and Exhibition Center (COEX), 3rd Floor Auditorium Conference Hall 12 Meeting Room, Seoul, Republic of Korea, on 8 September 2017. The aims of “2017 Korea Carbon Forum” are;

  • Catalyzing and facilitating the international collaborative efforts to respond climate change in the line with the international agreement on the new climate regime in 2015 (the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, in Paris, France)
  • Promoting the carbon emissions trading as an effective way to deal with the global climate change issue in the domestic and international perspective

The main events of the forum are:

Phase 1: Official Events (Initiative Declaration on Ecofriendly Low-Carbon City), Invited Lecture, Performance, Keynote Speech etc.

Phase 2: 12 sessions, 38 presentations topics

The invited international participants also take part in “Initiative Declaration for eco-friendly low carbon city”.  Technical tour to Daesung MDI Limechem Center, Hanil Cement Co., Ltd, Danyang Plant, Korea Institute of Limestone & Advanced Materials (KILAM) and Mancheonha Sky Walk were arranged on 9 September 2017.

The training course has been successfully organized and reached the targets and benefited all the trainees. It would be a good base for future cooperation possibilities among CCOP Member Countries and KIGAM IS-Geo. Advanced courses regarding contents and activities for the network are recommended for consideration of future plans.

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