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KIGAM/ISGeo Regular Training Course on Landslide and Slope Stability 2016

Under the series of regular training courses provided by KIGAM/ISGeo in collaboration with CCOP for member countries, the KIGAM/ISGeo training course onLandslide and Slope Stability was conducted from October 31 to November 18,2016 in the International School for Geoscience Resources of KIGAM, Daejeon, Korea, with total 25 participants including 13 participants from CCOP Member Countries.

Aiming to foster professionals from all over the world in the field of landslide hazard related researches well as to enhance the capabilities of the cooperating countries/organizations with Korea/KIGAM, this 3-weeks training course provided participants with an introduction to key aspects of landslide and slope stability. The contents of this course comprised a general overview on mechanics of landslide, monitoring and early warning of landslide and analysis of rock slope stability. Also the course was held in conjunction with The Korean Society of Engineering Geology (KSEG) 2016 Fall Conference, special session on landslide prediction and early warning. Total 7 instructors were involved in the course.

Various activities were conducted during the 3 weeks of the training course. All participants attended The KSEG fall conference at Byunsan Daemyung Resort which was held in Nov. 3  ~ 4. They attended not only the special session on landslide prediction and early warning but also field excursion at Chaesok-gang lectured by Dr. ByungJoo Lee on Geology and Geological Structure at the Cretaceous sedimentary basin.

During the module 2, a case study was arranged by Prof. Filippo Catani. Participants had group discussion regarding simulating the design of a monitoring system with EWS capabilities and defining mitigation measures for 2 different cases with the help of the General EWS Toolbox provided in printed form and the course material.

During the Module 3 period,  a special activity was conducted on Nov. 15th, an on-site lecture at KIGAM landslide monitoring site near Mt. Sokri national park. Participants experienced both practical and theoretical area by visiting landslide monitoring facilities that KIGAM is currently operating and deployment of sensors as well. After the field practice, a half-day tour in Bubjusa temple was followed. There was also KIGAM lab tour on Nov. 17, participants visited KIGAM underground space department and earthquake center. At the last day of the course, briefing with country report session was carried out.  Participants gave presentation of their own countries’ reports about overview of landslide and slope stability related organization and project field practice.

During the entire course schedule, Korean Language & cultural class was held in every afternoon after lunch time for an hour in which all the trainees attended and learned how to read and write Korean letter, play Korean traditional game and sing a Korean song.

In overall evaluation, the training course has been successfully organized.  It reached the targets and benefited all the attended participants. It would be a good base for future cooperation possibilities among CCOP member countries and KIGAM/IS-Geo. The network of landslide and slope stability should be maintained and developed for further collaborative activities within the region. Advanced courses regarding contents, activities such as field survey and case study & discussion for the network are recommended for consideration of future plans.

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