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CCOP-CGS Workshop/Training on IGDP-II and Compilation Technology for the CCOP Member Countries, 22-24 May 2017, Beijing, China

The phase II of the CCOP-CGS Project on Integrated Geophysical and Geochemical Data Processing (IGDP) was kicked-off by a Workshop/Training on IGDP-II and Compilation Technology for the CCOP Member Countries, held on 22-24 May 2017 in Beijing, China.  This was hosted and funded by China Geological Survey (CGS) through its Development and Research Center (DRC). 

There were 18 participants in the workshop/training from CCOP Member Countries, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam including the staff of CCOP Technical Secretariat.

At the Opening Ceremony, Dr Adichat Surinkum, Director of the CCOP Technical Secretariat (CCOPTS), delivered the welcome address. Dr Shu Siqi, Director of the International Cooperation Division, Department of Science and Technology & International Cooperation, on behalf of Dr.  Li Jinfa, Permanent Representative of P.R. China to CCOP, and Vice-President, CGS, warmly welcomed all delegates and officially opened the workshop.

Country presentations on geoscience data management and processing, national geophysical compilation activities and the use of RGIS-IGDP software were made by Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam. 

Dr Liu Rongmei, Deputy Division Director, DRC, CGS presented on the update of OneGeologyChina (1GC) which is accessible from this website,   http://onegeologychina.cgs.gov.cn:8080/en/.   OneGeologyChina plans to have activities on Chinese data sharing, make WFS data services, and put up Geochemistry Map to be made accessible via the 1GC Portal.

Dr Zhang Minghua, IGDP Project Leader and Division Director, DRC, CGS presented the functionalities of the RGIS-IGDP software at the workshop.  Application examples using the software including Yellow Sea Oil & Gas basin study, Ttbet Oil &Gas basin study, Chifeng mineral resource planning, Western Songliao basin structure study and National mineral resource assessment were showcased.  The software has not only been used locally but also internationally, such as Asia, Africa,South America and Mid-East Europe.  New functions of the software in Chinese version including edge Detection with gravity/magnetic data, 2D-3D Calibrate Joint Inversion of Magnetic/Gravity Anomalies, Ground-Well Calibrate IP Inversion and Thematic Mapping: Data View and transparent overlays, Map Layout & Output, will also be made available in English version.

Dr Takemi Ishihara, the project leader of the CCOP-GSJ MAMEA Project:  Compilation and Publication of a Revised “Magnetic Anomaly Map of East Asia 1:4,000,000” on CD-ROM, made a presentation about the project.  Both the MAMEA and IGDP Project Leaders agreed to cooperate.  The IGDP-II Project will compile the gravity map while the MAMEA Project will compile the magnetic map.

During the discussion, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan and Korea informed that national gravity data is available for the whole country, while for the magnetic data, Cambodia and Indonesia informed that not the whole country is covered.  It is uncertain whether Vietnam’s gravity and magnetic data are available for the whole country.  Data will have to be submitted to the project leaders with copy to the CCOP Technical Secretariat.  Any data format is accepted for the magnetic data, but time information should be included if the total intensity values are provided.

One annual MAMEA and IGDP-II Projects joint workshop may be organized in any CCOP Member Country.  There will also be one IGDP-II Workshop in China per year, which can also be a joint workshop with MAMEA Project. 


  • June 2017 - To confirm with MCs on the Working Group for Gravity.  CCOPTS will send to MCs request of data submission.
  • August 2017 – Data submission
  • Oct 2017 – Joint Workshop for MAMEA & IGDP-II Projects, Philippines.
  • May/June  2018, IGDP-II Workshop in China
  • Oct/Nov 2018 – Joint Workshop MAMEA & IGDP-II Projects, Cambodia/Lao PDR

For the software support, CGS will update the RGIS-IGDP system for better data compilation.

All the participants received a package of the RGIS-IGDP Software as well as certificate of participation at the end of the workshop. 

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